HSL Group answers the Personal Protective Equipment call

HSL delivers personal protective equipment

HSL communications are proud that the HSL group have adapted their dynamic methodologies to answer the present problems facing the NHS of providing personal protective equipment.

A hospital supplier based in Belfast has said it has now delivered 13 million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to health services in Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Hospital Services Ltd (HSL), which also has offices in Dublin and Nottingham, said it has flown in PPE including gowns, masks and theatre caps via cargo flights, with 100 truckloads to follow.

HSL had formerly focused on supplying medical equipment to hospitals before diversifying into PPE in recent months.

To fund the move, the company said it received multi-million pound support from its investment partner Foresight and its bank, Bank of Ireland.

The company, which recently reported sales of £21.2m for the year to the end of September 2019, said: “This immediate and short-term cash injection into the business enabled additional flexibility for HSL to increase its buying power in order to answer the surge of demand for PPE which persists across the UK and Ireland.”

Chief executive Dominic Walsh said:

“With an established global network of suppliers, HSL was well-equipped to answer the call for additional PPE which has come from the Health Services across the UK and Ireland.”

James Livingston, partner of Foresight Group, added:

“We have been most impressed by the speed with which the management team at HSL has been able to respond to the specific needs of the health sector and health workers throughout the crisis.

“We were pleased to be able to promptly put in place the additional financial support required to help deliver the equipment in the timescale required.”

Article originally published by The Belfast Telegraph