Healthcare Workspaces

Implement intelligent video collaboration healthcare meeting room systems that integrate with the wider organisation services to meet your needs.

Achieve a hassle free deployment experience when combined with our services
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Intelligent video collaboration systems to bring your meeting rooms to life

HSL communications are select partners for Cisco systems that allows us to provide the ideal meeting room solution based on specific requirements from large clinical areas to small huddle rooms.

Unmatched video and audio experience

New capabilities enable even smarter meetings, smarter presentation capabilities, and smarter room and device integrations.

Hardware for all room sizes and workflows

Offer the same user interface across the range of meeting room sizes from huddle spaces to large auditoriums.

A/V implementations

Integrate video collaboration systems with other in room functions while still retaining optimal collaboration experience.

Smart meetings

Automatically detects meeting participants to provide ideal framing while enjoying a great audio experience through integrated speakers and microphones across the range.

Smart presentations

Support for multi display, multi sources and for content to run at 4K for clinical triage and diagnosis to help overall outcomes.

Acute care ready

Support acute care practices through far end camera control technology allowing clinicians to view patient requirements without local intervention.

HSL simplifies video communication for people, teams and clients

Experience the power of a complete collaboration solution.

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